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They say that I am a "narrator" and I believe that this is the definition that most identifies me, at least I like to think about it. I love observing the reality that surrounds me and telling it with my photographs.

I think that love and the thirst for art has always been part of me, of my being. The desire to communicate, to express myself, to make me hear without opening my mouth, without using words vibrated inside me ...

I define myself as a tireless experimenter, who does not limit the wonder that art exerts on my soul, curious, sometimes visionary, but at the same time very rigorous.

Music has been for me the voice and travel companion who has followed and will follow my life forever. The same music took me away from Italy to live in a city like London where I attended the Royal College of Music. Just in those years I had the opportunity to meet, watch and admire the best artists, working with the most important show companies. Years that awakened in me that desire to dance, which I had since I was a child and which I had never really dozed off. From that moment I understood that I wanted to be on and in the scene, to experience their own trepidation. So I chose to make sure that everyone could perceive that emotion, that vibration experienced in that moment, in which a scene flowed before my eyes. The lighting, the cut, the timing, everything on the scene is essential to make an expressive shot, but it is necessary to listen to the music, "dance" with the dancers, to perceive that tension, that energetic charge that an artist has and emanates during the his performance to find the right rhythm with which to shoot. My images will not only contain the moment captured, but will live on a story; a jump, a step, a drop of sweat, an instant in movement that first of all I see and feel with my heart.


Teacher Canon Academy - Coach Canon Italia

For some years I have been privileged of being part of the large family of Canon, holding the role of teacher and trainer, where professionalism, attention to detail and maximum efficiency come together.


"How can something that doesn't speak ... say so much"



Photo Graffiti di Mariano Bevilacqua
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